Harlan’s Business Is Now Earning $1,000/Day

Harlan’s Business Is Now Earning $1,000/Day



In the early days of the mastermind, I submitted my squeeze page and site (www.fingerhealing.com) and Eben trashed it horribly in the marketing demolition. So I rewrote the squeeze page and came to the seminar. At the seminar I asked Eben about getting people to mail for my site and he talked about building relationships.Since that time, I’ve done little more than work on relationships and affiliate mailing. I’ve barely scratched the surface and the site has taken off.

It’s doing about $1000 a day. My list has doubled and is still growing and I’m only starting on pay-per-click.

I hired someone to write the emails for me (I check them and rewrite them to tighten them up) and I hired someone to run my PPC campaign for me.

So right now, with the site making money, it’s pretty much hands off.

Next, I’ve cloned the site and will be renting an offline list to bring it to a different URL for tracking purposes.

My goal is to have this one site up to one million a year by the anniversary of the start of the Mastermind. The actual site is converting between 4% and 9.67% for affiliates depending on their lists. There is so much to do based on what your team shared at the seminar. The best part is your team shows exactly how to do it.

Oh, and when I have time – the emails I get are demanding more videos so I have to release Fingerhealing

Part II. Hmmm. Maybe two million the first year.

Harlan learned how to do this through the GURU Bootcamp

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