Jolin Learned How to Market Her Business Better

Jolin Learned How to Market Her Business Better


This was the first course I have done live with you, and I had no idea you were going to take us in such depth into Copywriting and Marketing. I love how the universe lines things up for me. Using the breakout sessions was also very empowering as I met others on their journey too. I have been a Quantum Biofeedback practitioner and Spiritual Coach since 2003 assisting people clearing mental, emotional, and physical imbalances in the energetic fields and watching them return to well-being within hours with no side effects except having more energy and feeling great, all with energetic balancing.

I took my business two years ago in a similar direction only now I teach people to take back their power to heal themselves though the energetics of Qi Gong. As I sat for two days, first in your fabulous Copywriting course, and then in your Continuity Course I watched myself get clarity on how to put my message out to others. What amazed me was when you had us do the exercises, I was able to immediately write down my copy and it was just flowing through me.

In the past I would just freeze up and not know what to say or write. That was a big WOW for me. My joy is to watch people let go of pain they had for years through using a Qi Gong enhancement program I sell. Then teach them simple hands on Qi Gong techniques they can do anywhere and anytime to let go of anger, fear, and general overwhelm states and watch them return to peaceful states in minutes.

You showed me how simple it is to get my message out to others in a way that they will get the help they need to feel their bodies return to well-being and do it for themselves instead of reaching for a pill. You gave me the permission to be who I am, to see that the more I give freely the more I receive. How to say things in such a way that my customers are my business friendships, which is something I naturally was already creating, thank goodness!.

Most of all, that it is not rocket science to right good copy or continuity programs. The templates and step by step processes you gave us have taken all the guess work out of the equation, and though I have work to do writing my content full emails and making content driven videos I have a map now on exactly how I can accomplish sharing my heart and my gifts with others.

You have been a light in my world with the Guru Mastermind program and the Wake Up Productive programs already and now these two new programs are icing on the cake. May you be blessed beyond measure! Thank you!

Jolin achieved this through the GURU MasterMindCopywriting Blueprints courses

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