Glory Grew Her Company To 1 Million Dollars In Sales

Glory Grew Her Company To 1 Million Dollars In Sales

Glory St. Germain

Ultimate Music Theory

This year I decided to take a BIG step with my business (Ultimate Music Theory Ltd.). And that was to take my company to 1 Million dollars in sales – I wanted to “Play with The Big Boys”… as they say. The best investment that I have EVER made for my company was to invest in myself through education.  Going to class is one thing, but learning from the vast experience of the ultra-successful business experts at Accelerate is the REAL DEAL.  I invested in 6 days of learning with Eben Pagan’s Accelerate, his new High Growth Business Training Program for entrepreneurs.

So what was my experience at Accelerate?  One word – EMPOWERING!

As an educator myself, I love to learn.  And learn I did!  Growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone, and I was WAY outside my comfort zone there.  Eben Pagan is one of the most amazing presenters I have ever seen.  REAL, honest, open, inspiring, encouraging, brilliant, simply – the best in High Growth Business Training!

Accelerate is a structured program that virtually guarantees success!  Experts came from all areas of business experience and were presenting at their best. From learning how to learn, to how to build better relationships, marketing strategies, and how to generate success by applying this knowledge, I learned more in a week then I had ever thought possible!

I can honestly say that the Eben Pagan Accelerate Program far outreached my expectations!  Since taking the Accelerate Training Program, we have implemented new strategies, created a new website, added new products,and created new business affiliate partnerships to help us grow our company even further.

Thanks Eben for sharing your program.

Accelerate – High Growth Business Training is awesome!

Glory learned how to grow her business

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