Julie Has Launched Multiple Businesses

Julie Has Launched Multiple Businesses

Julie Downey


I just completed your GuruMasterMind program and How to Create an Information Product.

The words “thank you” don’t seem adequate enough to describe how I feel…

I found my way here from your Self Made Wealth program and this weekend conference, working with you and the other participants “live” has been SO valuable.

I plan to implement three new steps I learned during the conference into my website and business and I expect these three step to create dramatic and far reaching results for my business and my list.

In April 2013, at the request of the Strength & Conditioning Coordinator for the Green Bay Packers, I created a customized DVD/training video for the team titled “5 Minutes to Boost Speed in Football”.

The Green Bay Packers now use my targeted yoga sequences as part of their daily warm up as well as a pre-game warm up.

Eben’s coaching that Tuesday laid out the steps I would need to take, and now it’s become a reality!

I would highly recommend your program to anyone who is in business for themselves and wants to take their website
their business and their personal life to the next level.

Jolin achieved this through the GURU MasterMind & Copywriting Blueprints courses

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