iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the best mastermind I’ve ever attended.  You’ll find your tribe here… all masters in their fields connecting to achieve world domination (in a good way)iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Dave Logan
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the BEST Mastermind for Conscious Entrepreneurs… the selection of attendees and the conversations generated are amazing.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Daniel Marcos
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24The Metamind was amazing. We have picked up new clients, built JV relationships and are growing amazing friendships.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Gary Henderson

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the best place to meet the most evolutionary, revolutionary, complementary, and comprehensive entrepreneurs making a difference today.

I’ve advanced my business more in the last few days [at MetaMind] than the previous few months.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Bryan Franklin

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24MetaMind is the most authentic experiment in conscious collaboration for the future of the species that I’ve seen so far. As opposed to just presenting interesting research findings, or the latest technology, there is an emergent spirit of mutual growth and inner exploration, vulnerability and transformation.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Anthony David Adams
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the fusion of tangible, actionable steps to succeed in today’s complex world of business combined with the cosmic dust of possibility that only true leaders can create, all shared together in a collective “Ommmm” of brilliance.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Andrea Albright-Benson

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Meta-mind is like a mastermind-meets-TED experience designed to curate the apex of insights from some of the most brilliant people in every field of personal transformation.

I love being in rooms where I’m no longer the smartest guy, and also feeling surrounded by such heart and genuine care from so many intelligent people.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Craig Filek

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24MetaMind is a transformation of the typical event experience and is designed for the modern, intelligent, creative person who cares about the future of our species.

Attendees compare notes and create friendships with other, like-minded participants, instead of being sold to or otherwise walking away feeling like their time was wasted.

It is rare to be continuously introduced to amazing people who become real world contacts to collaborate with. I highly recommend it.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Ariana Hall

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind has raised the bar on all the events that I’ve been to. The group is so curated that every person you meet, you could have a life-changing conversation with. You know that no matter who you’re talking with, there’s somebody who can shift you in a really incredible way.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Andy Drish

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Eben curated a group of about 125 of the nation’s most outstanding experts in the field of technology, health, fitness, marketing and spirituality, and brought all together for a remarkable 3-day deep dive into making their futures bigger, happier and more successful.

Eben used his magic to create a group that inspired each other and created great value for everyone.

Many lifelong friendships were formed and breakthroughs achieved.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Richard Rossi

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24MetaMind brings together a collection of the most inspiring, intelligent, insightful thought leaders, business experts and spiritually conscious souls on the planet in an epic journey through your heart, mind and soul.

My business was improved substantially, my heart nurtured with love, my creativity inspired by the art and dance performances, my palate delighted by the copious and delicious cuisine, and my soul awakened by the stirring speeches on the final spectacular Sunday.

It was an honor to be a part of the event. I would attend the MetaMind every year for the rest of my life.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Julia Allison

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24MetaMind was by far the most impactful three day event I have ever attended. Eben’s strategy for creating small group masterminds facilitated revelations on both a personal and professional level and created connections that are evolving into meaningful collaborations and friendships.

Thank you, Eben, for raising the bar and providing us with this life-altering experience.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Jane Deuber

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is hands down the best mastermind I’ve ever seen. The quality of the people in attendance was amazing, and the structure of
the event brought out the best of everyone.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Camronn Huff
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24The Metamind Experience was truly amazing. All the different perspectives made me ponder deeply and evaluate myself and my business. Just plain powerful!iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Derral Eves
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24MetaMind was 3 of the most stimulating days of my life, exposing me to the most inspiring leading-edge ideas and connecting me to the most diverse group of experts at the top of their game. Priceless!iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Jenny Sauer-Klein

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Eben Pagan’s MetaMind was the most useful, interesting, and enlightening weekend I’ve experienced in years, and makes me want to take the courses of many of the people I met at MetaMind.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Alex Lightman
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Eben Pagan’s MetaMind (mastermind) proved to be fertile ground for me to conceive a number of fruitful business relationships.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Cecily Miller, Ph.D.
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Eben Pagan’s Metamind was in the top 3 masterminds I ever been to in my life. I was mind f****d all weekend, completely violated, and I absolutely love it, I can’t wait for the next one.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Com Mirza

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a one-of-a-kind incubator that great individuals who are already doing great work in the world gather together and find way more greatness by sharing their best stuff, and coming together in great relationships and great sharing. It’s been one of the greatest 3, 4 days of my life.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Mary Morrissey
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24What I really enjoy about Metamind is what you get is some of the most… the highest thinking individuals, the highest achieving individuals, the most highly transformative individuals coming together and hopefully transcend what business can be, what your personal evolution can be, and what you really want to do that’s going to make a huge difference.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Yanik Silver
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind was one of the most eye-opening, and life-affirming, mind-expanding events I’ve ever been to, with a group of the most turned on, conscious, high performers in the world.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – David Hassel

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind was the single most productive, thought-provoking networking event I’ve been to in years, possibly ever… Highly recommended!iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Jeff Johnson
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24I think the great thing about Metamind is it’s the only meeting I’ve ever been to where I want to meet everybody, I get to meet everybody, and I could easily imagine spending the whole day talking to any given person here.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Geoffrey Miller
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind was really amazing. It was just an amazon sense of community, brilliant presentations, great venue, and I’d highly recommend it to anybody who is a socially responsible entrepreneur.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Emily Rosen

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is insights to the infinite possibilities for business and life and true love.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Gary Spirer
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind has been the greatest, most amazing event that I’ve ever been to. A lot of really, really cool people, amazing stories, and just an amazing, amazing event. I’d highly recommend it.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Franz Wiesbauer
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the most diverse group of experts in marketing, technology, and spiritual transformation that I have ever been around. Go!iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Ben Saltzman

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind has just blown me away. It’s absolutely been the rocket fuel for life and love and leadership and business.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Jayne Warrilow
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind to me has been the most valuable, most creative, the most stimulating, hands down, the best mastermind I’ve ever attended in my life.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Jeffrey Rutsen
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is as fine an example of co-hearted, co-intelligence as I’ve ever experienced in my life. And I’m old.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Brad Blanton

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a next generation learning environment.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Michael Cline
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the go-to experience to be awed by genius around you, and to recognize the genius within.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Eiji Morshita
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the Burning Man of marketing.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Michele Reilly

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is where I feel at home as an entrepreneur.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Mike Bledsoe
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a sacred space where participants get to live with the honor of being the people they pretend to be.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Alex Mandossian
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the leading conference for conscious entrepreneurship.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Tim Bratton

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the most valuable mastermind I’ve been to, with the highest cross sector of entrepreneurs.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Amber Otto
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24The investment I made in being here for the Metamind is the single best investment I’ve ever made in furthering my own awakening, and my mission to help others in their own conscious evolution.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Alexis Neely
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is easily the best structured mastermind event I’ve ever attended.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Justin Livingston

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24I’ve been involved in five high-end mastermind groups over the years, and this is the only one I’ve ever been to where I was able to connect with 100 people – all the people that were here – at a deep level.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Denise Gosnell
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24It’s been a real joy to attend Metamind. I’ve trained in 30 countries around the world, and been to numerous masterminds and seminars. And this seminar has been unique in that I’ve met more intelligent people here that you could create an intimate relationship with, and learn from than probably any other place I’ve been.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Wyatt Woodsmall
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a mind-blowing collection of amazing human beings that are up to amazing things, and discussing business and life and the future of humanity, and it’s really amazing, and I’m glad I came.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Christian Mickelson

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24For me, Metamind is purpose awakening within what’s real and what really matters.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Jon Benson
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the most fun mastermind I’ve ever been to.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Dane Maxwell
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Masterminds are Ferraris, Metamind is a space shuttle.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Greg Davis

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind grew my vision of the future for myself, my business, my family, and my role in the world more than any other event I’ve ever been to. So it’s highly recommended, definitely go.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Doug Larsen
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is TED Talks meets Burning Man meets the greatest church you should have been raised in. Unbelievable!iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Carol Allen
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind grabs you by your limitations, and makes you think you are so awesome that you always thought you were that awesome! I can’t recommend it more.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Nathan Otto

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind cracks you open to be who you finally came here to be, with all the passion and love and community and resources and support that you truly need.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Jolette Jai
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind delivered… it delivered a lot of love; it delivered a lot of information, a lot of wisdom, beautiful connections… one of the best events I’ve ever been to in my life.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Marc David
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is like a summer camp that you wish would never end, and that you’re going to honor by living your life fully, completely, and enthusiastically for the rest of your life.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Mark Goulston

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind has been one of the most profound transformational experiences I’ve had in a long time. We go through technology, personal growth, spirituality that will help me professionally but maybe more importantly in my business, and this is truly Wisdom 3.0, so it’s an honor.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Todd Jason
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is amazing, and it’s blowing my mind on many, many levels. It’s truly incredible – the group of people, the quality of people, the format, how we all exchange information – it is literally blowing my mind and just kind of changing the level and game that I’m playing and it’s been, by far, the most valuable thing I’ve done in years. It’s phenomenal – it’s totally great. Do it if you can.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Rob Scott
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind has been the most outrageous group of people who are looking to shift the planet, combining tech, science, a little bit of spirituality, but bringing everything together for the greater whole and the greater good, so we can bring light and love at an outrageous level to the planet.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Sheevaun Moran

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the counter culture of beta testing its analogue to the conformed machinery for the body politic.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Michael Vasser
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a absolutely outrageous personal disruption in my business, personal development, and my spiritual global life calling… absolutely blew me away!iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Wendy Stevens
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a comprehensive growth expo that just blows your mind and covers relationships, entrepreneurship, technology, and life in such an amazing way.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Austin Felton

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Only after you strip away the fluff, you get to experience a MetaMindiconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Yifat Cohen
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the best place to learn how to play the bigger game.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Brent Weaver
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is like a TED Talk, but much, much better. And I know that I belong here and am in the right place.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Bret Gregory

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a place to challenge your conception of who you are, and what you’re capable of.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Clint Arthur
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the single greatest collection of visionary entrepreneurs I have ever seen in one place.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Max Simon
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind’s the safest place to deeply unwrap yourself and find your deepest gift and really show you what you have to give in the world.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Diane Poole Heller

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24I love Metamind because it’s where transformational leaders – the leaders who lead leaders – get their ideas and their next community.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Elizabeth Purvis
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is the best mastermind I’ve ever been to, bar none. iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Jody England
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is like this Jell-O pudding of genius in 108 different directions.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Morgana Rae

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is just that; it’s a place where inspired, inspiring and impactful people, are gathering together to make a big difference in the world and hold that space for you, to bring that out from yourself.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Lou D’Alo
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a great collection of thought leaders coming together, sharing truthful experiences that allow us to see things from a different perspective, and help put together a program to end pain and suffering in the world… it’s really an outrageous experience.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Mike Weiss
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is an absolutely mind blowing experience. It’s the best of business and personal growth and spirituality and rocking good time all rolled into one.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Pamela Bruner

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional meta-transformational experience for highly conscious entrepreneurs, small businesses, visionaries, and game changers.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Re Perez
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind is a collection of the most tapped in and conscious, forward thinking leaders that I’ve ever seen in one room.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Rose Cole
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24I set an intention to find a new group of high conscious people, a family to hang out with, and here at Metamind I found that family, and I am at home.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Rich German

iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24I seem to have an increased capacity for an appetite to give my gift to the world from the examples that I see at Metamind.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Susan Bratton
iconmonstr-quote-5-icon-24Metamind’s an incredible opportunity to meet amazing people in a unique setting.iconmonstr-quote-6-icon-24 – Bill Harrison